Friday, 29 June 2012

We'd love to cater for you!

Hello Food Lovers!

We've been so busy with our lives and although we keep promising to blog more often, we just can't seem to find enough time to do it all! We did manage to put together images from our latest catering event. It's hard to believe we can actually make so much food from our tiny kitchen - if you saw how we operate, you'd be impressed! If you're looking for a caterer, get in touch with us! We tailor each menu according to your needs. Your taste buds won't be disappointed, that's a guarantee :-) 
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Mini tarts with courgettes, tomatoes & goat's cheese

Pinchos with avocado, crab & rocket leaves

Scottish pancakes with smoked salmon, dill & lemon zest

Aubergine cups with pomegranate seeds, pine nuts & mint

Pinchos with chorizo, grilled peppers & rocket leaves

Polenta cups with spicy chilli beans

Pinchos with gorgonzola, pears & walnuts

Vermicelli salad with spicy beef