Sunday, 25 December 2011

Merry Christmas!

Hello food lovers,

It's been a very exciting year for Foodscape between catering events, dinners and even photography projects.  Thanks to all our friends for the continuous support, we look forward to sharing all our culinary adventures with you in the coming year. In the mean time, we'd like to share pictures from our Christmas dinner and wish you all prosperity and peace for 2012. 

Best wishes,
Amani & Fabiana 

The 'piece de resistance', our famous turkey
Our friends gather around our 5.60m dining table!

Roasted vegetables 

A festive evening to say the least

Roasted leg of lamb 

Merry Christmas! 

Monday, 31 October 2011

Halloween Treats

Hello food lovers,

Foodscape catered Halloween goodies for a kids' birthday party last Sunday. We spent most of the weekend arts-and-crafting and must admit, we had a great time. From sandwiches to mac&cheese, pizzas and chicken strippers, we catered for the younger pallet. The menu also included a selection of sweet treats, shown below. For all your catering needs, get in touch with us:

Happy Birthday!

Beijinho (coconut bonbons)

Spooky chocolate cupcakes

Brigadeiros (chocolate bonbons)

Chocolate fruit lollies 

Chocolate coated apples 

Monday, 24 October 2011

Yummy Berry Tart

Hello food lovers,

In our house, Sunday is synonymous for lazy day. However it is also a day where we take our time in the kitchen and cook meals for our friends. This weekend was slightly different; we decided to cook up a storm on Saturday and when Sunday came around, we were still eating leftovers so I decided to bake a tart instead. Considering the amazingly mild weather we have been experiencing these past few weeks, I got inspired to make a berry tart. This is probably the easiest tart you can bake, just make sure you get the freshest berries available!

Yummy Berry Tart (serves 6-8 people)

1 pack of puff pastry
250ml half fat creme fraiche
100g raspberries
100g strawberries (sliced)
100g blueberries
4 figs (sliced)
1 egg yolk
3 tablespoons sugar
1 teaspoon icing sugar (optional)

1) Preheat your oven to 180 degrees
2) Wash all the fruits except for the raspberries (they tend to get soggy if you put them under water)
3) Roll the puff pastry in the shape of a rectangle or circle depending on your pan about 2cm thick
4) Using a fork, gently pick the dough all throughout then brush the egg yolk, including edges and cook in the oven for about 20 minutes or until golden.
5) Once the dough has cooled off, mix the creme fraiche with the sugar and spread on top of the dough.
6) Add the berries.

Optional: you can add a tea spoon of icing sugar as a topping

Serve with a cup of tea, bon appetit!

Yummy Berry Tart

Wednesday, 5 October 2011

Paulo's Seafood Paella

With last weekend hitting summer temperatures, Clem and Paulo invited us to a chilled break in the French country side. On Sunday Paulo cooked a beautiful seafood Paella to feed the hungry men that went hunting in the wild that morning and for the lazy ones that had been chilling by the pool. 

The Paella was packed with flavours, from locally picked tomatoes to fresh seafood and herbs. The giant prawns were yummy, very moist and juicy. The chorizo also added an extra kick. 

Thanks for such a lovely lunch guys , it was great !!!

Monday, 26 September 2011

Did someone say Tortilla?

Flyer designed by Carla Muguiro

Attention foodies: our friends Carla & Gonzalo organised a fun evening of Tortilla competition last Saturday. The brief was simple - make a Spanish tortilla and vote for your favourite! Needless to say, all the chefs who participated put their creativity to the test to bring the best out of their kitchen - from Bruno's Double Decker to Gonzalo's Codilicious & Berengenius and many more, flavours were bursting and taste buds were dancing... We won't tell you who won but if you scroll down this post, the pictures will ;)

Foodscape's creation was a fusion of the traditional Spanish tortilla made with sweet & regular potatoes and a Mexican twist using a maize tortilla base & hot salsa. And thanks to Bassel for coming up with such a sexy name: Red Nipple.

Red Nipple


Double Decker

Grandma's Recipe




Stuffed Peppers

It Can't Get More Traditional Than This

Tuesday, 20 September 2011

Culinary adventures around Europe

Dear Bloggers and Food Lovers,

We've been out of touch for a while but we kept ourselves busy trying out restaurants around Europe during the summer. From Paris to Madeira and Barcelona to Ibiza, we brought back a few palatable memories to share with you. We have a lot of exciting new projects coming up with so make sure to keep coming back for all the latest stories. Hope everyone got a little piece of sunshine this summer and are ready to face the cooler days ahead. 

First off, we're taking you to Paris for an Italian meal at Alfredo Positano (6, rue Guisarde, 75006, Paris). By far one of the best Italian eateries in Paris, here you'll want to order the anti-pasti for starters and a big plate of pasta or ravioli for a main. The Veal Milanese is also a signature dish, don't miss out.The pizzas are very good but for an even better experience, try the Pizzeria Positano (15 rue des Cannettes, 75006, Paris) down the street. If you tried pizzas in Rome, this place will take you back in a heart beat, absolutely divine. Both restaurants don't take reservations so be sure to get there early or be ready to wait in line for a while (well worth it though)! 

Alfredo Positano
The famous anti-pasti
Parma ham and ruccola pizza

Next stop, Madeira. Located off the coast of Morocco, this island has the biggest variety of fresh fish you can possibly imagine. From lobster to giant gambas and cod to succulent crab, the choice is endless. Most fish are simply grilled and accompanied with a side dish of your choice but beware, portions are very generous so make sure you don’t over-do it. Everywhere we went, service was impeccable and staff was extremely pleasant. Below is a selection from a couple of eateries that particularly caught our attention.

Grilled cod cooked in a maracuja (passion fruit) sauce
Maracuja soufflĂ© 

Restaurante do Forte – Funchal
Located in the historical fortress of Funchal, this restaurant serves traditional Portuguese specialties with a modern touch – try the grilled cod with passion fruit sauce, it will tickle your pallet.

A complimentary selection of appetizers :
tuna on a bed of spicy avocado

 & marinated mussels 

Pan seared cod with vegetables cooked in chicken stock

UVA Dining - The Vine Hotel
For an unforgettable dining experience, UVA has an excellent menu prepared by renowned 3 Michelins stars chef Anthoine Westermann. Here, service is impeccable and every guest is treated like royalty. The wine list is also impressive, try sipping on Madeira wine whilst overlooking the island. Located on the rooftop of a 5 star hotel, UVA was the ultimate winner. And you won't have to feel the squeeze in your wallet as prices here remain extremely reasonable.

Now we're off to Formentera, a paradise island off the coast of Ibiza. Here, fresh fish is a must and they know how to serve it at  El Pirata in Platja Illetas. Overlooking the crystal clear waters, this restaurant serves an impressive plate of grilled calamari, as well as traditional Spanish cold cuts, don't miss out! 

Restaurant view
Grilled Calamari
Back on the main island, the Blue Marlin is an up-scale, 'beautiful people' beach club. Located on Cala Jondal beach in Ibiza, this place has DJs, a bar and sun loungers to keep you entertained all day long. Try the Ceviche, its to die for !!!

Freshly cut Jamon Iberico

Prawn salad

Pan con tomate & ceviche
Another stop is Amante Beach club just off Cala LLonga , you can check how to get there on their website . Awesome views , beautiful food and very romantic , the lobster risoto is out of this world , you have to try it , the prices are quite reasonable too

Bloody Mary

Fish croquetas & salmon tartar on guacamole
Lobster risotto

Last but last least, here are a few recommendations for restaurants in Barcelona - sorry no pictures but do get in touch if you would like more information. 

La Flauta
Great food, fantastic value for money, highly recommended. 

Cerveceria Catalana
Best Tapas in Barcelona, you must try their huevos cabreados, it’s absolutely delicious, we got addicted to them! 

Bar Mut.
C/ Pau Claris, 192

Modern Tapas, excellent food, slightly more pricey than the norm, but certainly worth it. Ask for their secret bar upstairs, funky Jazz and bohemian decor with a chic touch.